Hello Neighbor 1.0 – Download for Android APK

Hello Neighbor is a primary man terror and sneaking game which challenges you to restrain a young character who’s attempting to enter his neighbor’s house so as to find the dark secrets which he is hiding within the basement. Obviously, your neighbor actually values his privacy and will not be happy that you are breaking.
Controls in hello neighbor download apk will be the typical ones in this genre. On the left side of this display, you’ll discover the motion control stick, and into the left, you will see the activity buttons. It’s possible to jump, socialize with a lot of distinct items, catch all sorts of gadgets, etc..

Hello Neighbor

The adventure will start with your protagonist walking around the neighborhood and following a ball. It will not take long for one to get to a neighbor’s house and watch him act suspicious. From this instant on, you need to attempt and sneak into your neighbor’s house and be sure he does not catch you.
Hello Neighbor is a superb enjoyable terror and gore game that provides you a very intense and frightening game encounter. The game also has quite good visuals and outstanding production values.Dragon City is a good game to play

Ever since its launch for PC back in 2015, Hello Neighbor has turned into a massive indie video game happening. Now, after being a hit console like Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, now it’s landed on mobile platforms. That is why we’re currently introducing you to the APK version for Android.
It is precisely the exact same stealth horror game with controllers adapted into the touchscreen of our tablets and smartphones. A game which, as you are probably aware, is somewhat different from what we’re utilized to seeing in this genre: no more darkness, no critters are hiding in the shadows, no blood… The game provides us a few adorable cartoon graphics but still manages to provide us a difficult time.

What is the storyline of Hello Neighbor ?

The main character has just transferred into a nice residential area, but something isn’t quite right… There is a strange neighbor who is apparently concealing something in his basement. Our goal is rather clear: we are going to have to slip into our neighbor’s house without getting caught and find all of his hidden secrets. For this purpose, we are going to have to hunt for each and everything essential to progress and utilize all kinds of tools capable of opening locked doors, closed windows, or knock walls down. Each of the latter, with lots of stress, frights, and shocks because we can not forget that we are discussing a horror game, not merely an adventure title.
For the time being that the game is totally accommodated to mobile devices and also the controls are extremely sensitive. But, not many users may enjoy playing with it since it is only available for Android 7.0 and over and runs on particular smartphone models. From the remarks, many consumers are complaining that not a Samsung S8 Plus is effective at getting it to operate. We may need to wait for a little and be patient with all the programmers.