Quick Strength for Runners Exercise of the Week: Discus Thrower

MUSCLE TARGETS: Glutes, quads, obliques, abs (transverse), delts (medial, posterior)



1 Scissor your legs so that one foot is in front of you—spread your legs and give yourself plenty of room.

2 Hold a dumbbell in the arm opposite your outstretched leg and squat, twisting your body so that you are holding the dumbbell on the outside of the opposite knee, with your palm facing inward toward that knee.

3 Stand up while twisting your body and raising the dumbbell. Lead with the elbow of the arm holding the dumbbell, rotating your arm so that your hand is the highest part of your body.

TIP: Keep your back straight as you squat, looking straight ahead as you sink down. This keeps pressure on your legs and hips—where we want it—instead of primarily on your lower back.

REP: Return to the starting position. This constitutes 1 rep. Complete your goal number of reps, then switch the dumbbell to your other hand.

# OF REPS: 10-20

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  • Perform this exercise with your eyes closed. This is difficult and disorienting, but the effect is to make you more aware of your body position.

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