Quick Strength for Runners Exercise of the Week: Knee Tucks

MUSCLE TARGETS: Hip flexors, abs (transverse)

EQUIPMENT: Stability ball


1 Get into plank position, facing downward with your palms on the floor, your elbows extended, and your body held off the ground in a rigid line, with your feet resting on top of a stability ball.

2 Keeping your upper body steady, bend your knees and roll the ball inward toward you.

TIP: Getting your feet on the ball may take a little finesse. One method is to get on all fours, with your knees on the ground and your feed on the ball behind you, holding it in place. Raise your body up while keeping your feet o nthe ball, and adjust as necessary onces you have unfurled into a straight position.

REP:  Once you are fully tucked, extend your legs again. This constitutes one rep.

# OF REPS: 10-30

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Dave Trendler works for VeloPress, the leading publisher of books about endurance sports. Check out new VeloPress books on cycling, triathlon, and running at www.velopress.com. Learn more about Dave at www.davetrendler.com.
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