It’s rare to have a product that does exactly what it claims to do.  The HB Tune HandBand is one of those products.More On Runhorowitz It’s goal is modest: to provide a simple, easy way to carry and use your smartphone while running.  That’s all it aims to do, but it does it’s job extremely well.  The HB Tune HandBand is made of neoprene, and straps onto the palm of your hand, providing an effort-free way of taking your phone with you.  For those if you, like myself, who don’t like armbands, this is a great product.  The plastic screen allows you to continue to use your phone’s touchscreen while the phone is in the HandBand, which is particularly useful if you use a running app.  The only downside would be that if you trip and fall while wearing the HandBand, you would not be able to drop the phone, and might instead destroy your phone if you land on your palms.  With that in mind, this might be more suitable for road running than trail running.  Still, this is a small quibble with a great new product.